Meniett Treatment

Micropressure therapy is a simple and effective treatment for the vertigo symptoms of Ménière’s disease. Developed and tested in nearly 30 years of research, it helps many patients gain control of their disease.

Managing Ménière’s disease can be a significant clinical challenge. Each Ménière’s disease patient progresses and responds differently, so the goal is to manage Ménière’s disease symptoms at an acceptable level with the most conservative treatment method.

Micropressure therapy provides physicians with a treatment option for their Ménière’s patients prior to surgery or destructive gentamicin injections.

AAO-HNS Position Statement on Micropressure Therapy

“There is some medical evidence to support the use of micropressure therapy (such as the Meniett device) in certain cases of Ménière’s disease. Micropressure therapy can be used as a second level therapy when medical treatment has failed. The device represents a largely non-surgical therapy that should be available as one of the many treatments for Ménière’s disease.”

(revised 3/20/2016)

Advantages of Meniett Therapy

  • Minimally invasive Level 2 treatment of Ménière’s disease to avoid surgical/destructive treatments.
  • Help reduce the frequency and intensity of vertigo attacks for the majority of patients.
  • No time in the hospital means no time away from home or off work.
  • Easy for patients to do and puts them in control of their Ménière’s disease.
  • Portable and convenient therapy which takes just a few minutes each day.